I, Vampire #07 (2012)

I, Vampire #7 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 4MB
Straight off the shocking events of last issue and continuing the story from this month's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #7, Andrew Bennett finds himself in a place he never thought he'd reach during his countless decades walking the Earth. But his absence on Earth signals a deadly loss of order in the vampire hierarchy, as the savage attack on humanity he's long feared looks like its coming to pass.

The Grand Duke #01 (2012)

English | CBZ | 8MB
The Eastern Front during WWII: Oberleutnant Wulf, a young Luftwaffe pilot, is horrified by Nazi barbarism and at odds with his fellow pilots, even as he finds himself taking to the skies to fight the infamous “Night Witches” — the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, the most decorated female unit in the Soviet Air Force. Motivated only by his desire to return home to his daughter, Romy, Wulf tries to survive the increasingly desperate and ferocious Eastern Front, while Lilya, the “Red Witch,” leads her comrades against the German invaders. A Romeo-and-Juliet story set against the backdrop of WWII aerial dogfights.

Vampirella VS. Dracula #03 (2012)

Vampirella vs. Dracula #3 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 11MB
With Vampirella trapped in Dracula's shifting past, Jack Halloran, is left to deal with the machinations of his modern-day incarnation, the mysterious and deadly Dragunsun. But when changes to the eternal narrative first chronicled by Bram Stoker ripple through the present, each of the characters affected, in all the timelines they cross, must adjust, adapt and reorient themselves if they wish to see the story through until the end, much less survive the effects. And when the strange and mystical "Order of the Dragon" make their presence known, everyone learns this is all neither an accident, nor a game.

Batman & Robin #08 (2012)

Batman and Robin #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 8MB
The "Born To Kill" saga concludes in a storm of fire and water, as Batman and Robin find themselves beaten and battered emotionally, as well as physically, as the fate of NoBody is revealed!

Demon Knights #08 (2012)

Demon Knights #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 10MB
Just how exactly did Madame Xanadu become the paramour of both Jason Blood and Etrigan, the foul demon trapped inside him? On the road to Alba Sarum, there's nothing but time for tall tales…and this one's as unbelievable as they come! Featuring guest art by Bernard Chang (DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS)!

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #08 (2012)

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 12MB
Enter: The Spawn of Frankenstein! As Frankenstein and his estranged wife hunt their demonic offspring across Europe, the secrets that tore them apart are revealed. But when Frank finally comes face to face with his long lost son, the fallout may mean the end of S.H.A.D.E.!

Legion Lost #08 (2012)

Legion Lost #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 9MB
The lead-up to next month's game-changing TEEN TITANS/SUPERBOY/LEGION LOST crossover starts here! Rose Wilson and the Ravagers of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. attack our lost Legionnaires for a battle royale! When the smoke clears, the Legion won't like what they see…

Amazing Spider-Man: Hooky #01 (2012)

Amazing Spider-Man: Hooky #1 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 18MB
Spider-Man Vs. The Horrific Tordenkakerlakk In The Dimension Of Cloudsea! Can Spidey And The Spirited Spindrifter Overcome A Foe That Becomes More Powerful - And More Terrifying - Each Time It's Defeated?A Macabre Masterpiece Illustrated In Disturbing Detail By Horror Master Bernie Wrightson! Reprinting Marvel Graphic Novel #22: Spider-Man - Hooky.

The Theater #05 (2012)

The Theater #5 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 21MB
The hot new series that redefines the horror genre concludes here!!! When a man wakes up to find that the world around him has begun to forget him one by one he will have to discover the source of the curse that threatens to erase his very existence before it's too late. Meanwhile, a detective is closing in on the secret of the Theater and with the existence of the killers about to be revealed the family of psychopaths will be forced to make a decision that could very well threaten the entire world. From the writer and creator of The Waking and FLY comes a horror series brought to you by the company that does horror right. Featuring over 27 pages of content!

The Waking : Dreams End #01 (2012)

Waking: Dream's End #1 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 16MB
The HIT series that redefines the Zombie genre returns! Years have passed since the events of The Waking took place.
Murder has become practically extinct in a world armed with the knowledge that those who are murdered will return from the dead to take the lives of those guilty... But within a new world comes a new kind of killer. And he must be stopped! From the writer and creator of the Wonderland trilogy and Fly comes a return to the horror that never sleeps.

Grimm Fairy Tales - The Library #02 (2011) {REQUEST}

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Library #2 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBR | 20MB
Transported to the imaginary worlds that they have opened in the Library, Sela and her brother struggle to escape the dangers they encounter there…the dangers of ancient Greece and earth's Jurassic period that have magically come to life. Just when the two have given up, hope help arrives in the form of the greatest hero of mythology. But will even Hercules have the strength to save them from the combined might of a Minotaur and a T-Rex? Jurassic and mythological worlds collide in this can't miss issue!

Magic The Gathering #01 (2012) {REQUEST}

Magic The Gathering #1 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBR | 18MB
Get ready, Magic: The Gathering fans, there's a new Planeswalker in town! In search of greater magical knowledge and on the hunt for the people who destroyed his town, Dack Fayden is the greatest thief in the Multiverse.
When he gets his hands on his latest prize, though, he has no idea where it will lead him-or to who!

Mister Terrific #08 (2012)

Mister Terrific #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 14MB
Guest-starring The Blackhawks! It's Mister Terrific vs. the technological monstrosity called Digitus – and to destroy his greatest foe yet, Michael may be forced to destroy Holt Industries! But as one enemy is defeated, another rises from a shocking source: the U.S. Government! Also, betrayal rocks Mister Terrific's life when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend, the mysterious Karen Starr, may be more than she seems.

Batgirl #08 (2012)

Batgirl #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 10MB
The metahuman thief and killer Grotesque has set his sights on the perfect woman to add to his collection: Batgirl! Also, we reveal the other traumatic incident in Barbara's life – one you've never heard about before! It's a Gordon family secret that has never been revealed! You must not miss this story!

Adventure Time #03 (2012)

Adventure Time #3 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 8MB
ALGEBRAIC! Don’t miss Finn, Jake, and all of their friends on their biggest adventure yet! Trapped by the dreaded Lich, the guys gotta stop all of Ooo from being sucked away forever…and rescue a bunch of wayward Princesses. Luckily, no one does adventure…and looks cooler doing it…than Finn and Jake! The Cartoon Network sensation’s brand new comic is the hot new series you can’t afford to miss!

Green Lantern #08 (2012)

Green Lantern #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 21MB
"Secret of the Indigo Tribe" Part 2! On the Indigo homeworld, Hal Jordan and Sinestro are trapped, powerless and on the run – with the entire Indigo Tribe in hot pursuit! Their situation grows even more dire when we learn the Indigos' deadly secret! Plus: Why Indigo-1 is so interested in Hal's predecessor, Abin Sur?

Northlanders #50 (2012)

Northlanders #50 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 8MB
"The Icelandic Trilogy" concludes with "Waygone," rounding off the epic, centuries-spanning tale of the Haukssons, Iceland's notorious organized crime family, also bringing Brian Wood's critically acclaimed series to an end.

Suicide Squad #08 (2012)

Suicide Squad #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 8MB
"The Hunt for Harley Quinn" aftermath! As the surviving Squad members attempt to recover from their disastrous Gotham City mission, we learn a dark secret that has been festering in the team since issue #1: a traitor stalks the Suicide Squad! The saboteur's mission: Assassinate Amanda Waller, expose the Squad and leave Task Force X in ruins! The fuse is lit to the first great mystery of 2012: Who is the Suicide Assassin?

Superboy #08 (2012)

Superboy #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 20MB
Well, that rescue mission didn't go exactly as planned…and things have only gotten worse for Superboy, as N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s plans for him and the Teen Titans take a deadly turn! If he wants to keep his head, he's gonna have to take down another dangerous young metahuman for them: the bruiser once known as Grunge!

The Bionic Man #08 (2012)

The Bionic Man #8 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 9MB
Will Steve Austin's first official mission as The Bionic Man also be his last? After infiltrating the headquarters of his arch enemy, the crazed cyborg Hull, Steve finds himself in the clutches of the bizarre machine man known as Naga. Now Steve stands helpless as Hull's terrifying robot army is unleashed on the wider world.

Bionic Woman #01 (2012)

Bionic Woman #1 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 13MB
Paris is the city of love? Not anymore... not since Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman, came to town hot on the trail of the Mission, a collection of insanely high-priced surgeons who've been murdering OSI's bionic prototypes in order to provide new life for billionaire patients. But while the Bionic Woman is hunting the Mission, their #1 hunter is after her! Can Jaime pick up the pieces of her past while protecting her life in the present, or will the city of love turn its back, and its bullets, on the Bionic Woman? Acclaimed writer Paul Tobin brings you a tale of baguettes, bullets, and bionic badass!

Thief Of Thieves #03 (2012)

Thief of Thieves #3 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBZ | 7MB
Conrad's son, Augustus, has done everything he can to live up to his father's legacy. The simple fact is he just isn't that good a thief. His bungling has left him exposed, but will Agent Cohen be able to trace Augustus back to his father, finally catching Conrad red-handed?

Richie Rich Gems #45 (2012)

Richie Rich Gems #45 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBR | 27MB
Richie Rich GEMS features the original adventures of “Richie Rich, the poor little rich boy”. Reprinting classic stories of Richie Rich and his friends originally published by Harvey Comics, digitally re-mastered and re-colored to match the original brilliance of the stories! This issue also features a BRAND NEW Classic Richie Rich short story by co-creator Sid Jacobson and artist Ernie Colon, and another adventure of the all-new Richie Rich: Rich Rescue!

Crossed V.1 CH4

English | CBR | 4MB

Looney Tunes #206 (2012)

Looney Tunes #206 - Comic Book Cover

English | CBR | 28MB
If Sylvester had one wish, it would be to get his hands on Tweety! But when he becomes a genie himself, he makes Tweety's wishes come true. Little does he know, Tweety's real wish is to have Sylvester as far away from him as possible!